Since the Dark Zone is in the spotlight thanks to E3, a lot of theories about the functionality of the system behind the Dark Zone rank and Rogue Status are circulating around in the web. A new video Q&A of the developers should now eliminate these last uncertainties which appeared because of previous shown gameplay footage.


  • If you kill another player in the Dark Zone, the following things come into effect:
    • A bounty is put on you, which increases with every other kill.
    • You will receive a 2-minute Rogue Status timer, which also increases with each kill and can last up to 5 minutes. In addition you will be visible for all other players in the area around you.
  • If you get killed during your time as Rogue Agent, the other player who killed you will receive the bounty. If you can manage to survive it until the timer expires, you will receive your own bounty.
  • You lose a lot of Dark Zone XP, when you get killed as Rogue Agent.
  • There is no friendly fire inside the group. If you want to harm your comrades, you have to leave your group first. But before that happens, your team members will get a warning, that you are leaving the group, to prepare for the possibility of an attack.