During the last few days the official The Division social media profiles have released the one or other picture showing banknote(s). While some people in the community think that this could be a hint for the upcoming beta date and are trying feverishly to decipher the code behind it, the current question is how many bacteria can be detected on your banknote?

tctd-cash-contagion-introA new by Ubisoft developed interactive website called “Cash Contagion” allows you to find out the infection risk of your banknote, by either scanning it in via webcam, or typing the serial number into one of the appropriate fields (you won’t miss it). The currencies currently supported are Pounds and Euros.

While you might think at first that this is just a marketing gimmick (what it is, of course), it also tells you  the true nature of your banknote. Furthermore the experience is based on real data, which makes it even more interesting.

The data presented within the ‘Cash Contagion’ experience is calculated using scientific data and actual statistics.Cash Contagion Website

In our test, we have used a 20 € banknote that apparently was printed in Denmark. The first letter on the back of the banknote indicates the printing country. Although the Danish Krone is the currency in Denmark, every member state of the European Union seems to print Euro € banknotes as well.


Besides bacteria, your banknote can also hold traces of drugs, urine and other stuff we don’t want to mention here!

In Tom Clancy’s The Division, banknotes infected with a virus are at the origin of a devastating pandemic. On Black Friday, the virus spreads through banknotes everywhere in New York, and the situation quickly spirals out of control. Society is on the brink of collapse. For more information check out the breakdown trailer below and our game info summary.

What results have you got?