The Tom Clancy’s The Division Community Intelligence page is in the spotlight again, but this time it’s for its rewards you can earn when you become an active agent on the hub. For all who have never heard of it before:

It’s an interactive website dedicated to enhancing knowledge and information sharing among you.

Unfortunately it still doesn’t work for people in the US and is currently only available for gamers in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) territories. An official statement about this issue can be found in the Ubisoft forums.

Update March 21st, 2016:

Apparently the Community Intelligence Rewards seem to be distributed at the moment of writing, especially the Hunter Pack DLC. People are already reporting about an error while redeeming the code, saying “An error occurred during the registration process. Please try again later “.

This error probably occurs due to the high amount of requests that is currently send to the registration servers, so give Ubisoft some time or be patient a little bit until you can get this outfit!

Earn Points, Medals & Rewards

The purpose of this platform is to share and gain information about The Division. An integrated leaderboard based on a point system should motivate people out there to join discussions and post new content. Furthermore special ranks, badges as well as real life and in-game rewards can be obtained.


The way you can earn points is quite simple and if you know the for the game created sub-reddit/r/thedivision, the CI will probably feel like a second home for you. You could for example participate in the semimonthly Agent Reports, which are polls that help the devs gathering more information about specific topics, or

  • write comments,
  • give feedback,
  • rate posts like it works on reddit
  • and also submit news as well as your own creations (news, fanart, videos, etc.) about the game

Ranks and Badges

By getting more and more points you will achieve higher ranks such as “Sleeping Cell”, “CI Agent” or “CI Elite Agent”, which is the highest of all of them.

In addition to these ranks, badges can be earned by completing certain actions on the hub page itself. This can be for example a simple login with a mobile device or a new post that receives no reactions at all.


Last but not least you could get rewarded for things you are doing on the hub. 5 of these rewards have been picked out and are listed below, while the full list of rewards is much longer and includes things like goodie packsUplay shop discounts and so on.

  • Meet The Division’s Devs
    Win a trip for 2 persons to Malmö, Sweden, and meet with the developers at Massive. To win, be the first to reach the Elite Agent Rank.
  • Discover New York City
    Explore the city of The Division in real life during a trip for 2 persons to New York City. The winner will be drawn randomly between all the Agents to reach the 5 000 points mark before March 8th, 2016.
  • Signed Game Edition
    To get a copy of the game signed by all the developers, you will have to be the one lucky winner drawn randomly between all Community Intelligence registered users on March 8th 2016.
  • Video From the Team
    Be the first to unlock the most secret of all the Classified Medals, and you will get a video message from the dev team, recorded especially and only for you.
  • “Hunter” Exclusive Pack
    To unlock this in-game reward, including the exclusive “Hunter” Agent skin and the unique “Super 90” shotgun, create a Community Intelligence account and post at least 10 articles on the website. The “Hunter” consists of

    • Hunter Pants
    • Hunter Jacket
    • Hunter Boonie Hat
    • Hunter Backpack
    • M870 Shotgun (updated)