Apparently we will not be able to trade our gear and weapons with friends or players in our group, at least not at launch of Tom Clancy’s The Division.


According to GamesRadar and an interview with Ubisoft Massive Associate Creative Director Julian Gerighty, the reason for its removal is based on priority levels of certain features and the priority for trading wasn’t high enough to be implemented in time.

It’s the reality of production. Some features make it, some features don’t.Julian Gerighty, Creative Director

But there is still hope for that the feature gets added for free some time later after launch as Gerighty told GamesRadar further on.

It’s something that obviously some people are very passionate about … it’ll maybe make an appearance in the future.Julian Gerighty, Creative Director

Trading might seem to be an easy implementable feature, but can easily break and destroy the whole economy of a game as other big and well-known titles have already shown in the past.

Furthermore there is no real difference between the items inside the PvE and PvP area/Dark Zone – they are pretty much the same, which makes the trading part even more tricky and complex to balance – also in regard to botting. It should be figured out well before it goes live.