Ubisoft hasn’t only published Tom Clancy’s The Divsion’s specs, but also revealed some of its exclusive features players on PC can experience (official blog post). Therefore they talked with Massive Entertainment Technical Director Anders Holmquist and Stuart White, senior producer from Red Storm Entertainment, to get some facts about the PC version.

A new related article on Examiner.com provides additional insight of these features. Besides that we will show you what settings can be expected.

PC Exclusive Facts and Features

  • More than a PC port and improved UI navigation feature
  • Customizable UI. Move, scale and adjust the opacity of a good portion of the HUD.
  • Invite your Steam friends and import them into your Uplay friends list
  • Group text chat
  • No mod support
  • No cross-platform. Additional source.
  • Parkour mode to continuously leap over barriers
  • Feature to get lined up with where your teammates are located on the map
  • Mouse, keyboard and controller support
  • Unlocked framerate
  • Multi-monitor support for triple-screen setups
  • Multi-GPU support
  • Multi-resolution support: “opt for 1080p or 4k and automatically adapt the resolution to fit multi-screen configurations with FOV correction”
  • LED keyboard support
  • Partnership with Tobii and its eye-tracking technology

Video and Graphics Settings

The Division offers you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the right video and graphics settings on your PC. The following short video from the beta shows what you can expect. Also noticeable is a third tab called “Visuals”.