We currently have knowledge of 3 enemy factions in Tom Clancy’s The Division, including ThugsCleaners and the Rikers. Now we have got some new intel about a new hostile faction in the game, called the Last Man Battalion.

First there is a new image on the official website (UK) that adumbrates this new gang and then there is the coverage video of YouTuber Arekkz, who has scraped small info bits from the closed beta together. Different in-game audio sources, tooltips and especially the radio in the Safe Room located in the Dark Zone helped him to do that. Also the loading screen hints displayed some interesting info every now and then.

Based on that and the given information, the Last Man Battalion (LMB) is a private military company led by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Bliss. It consists primarily of private military contractors who were in New York to protect civilian high value assets before the virus outbreak happened.


While other people of governmental institutions decided to form the now as Join Task Force known friendly faction to keep things in order as far as their resources would allow them to do, the military professionals and members of the LMB are the exact opposite of them and will not hesitate to kill you if you cross their lines.

If you are in their territory and don’t play by their rules, you are screwed!Pirate Radio Podcast (in-game)

As the Last Man Battalion is supposed to be the strongest enemy faction in the game by now, also citizens of NYC are talking about them and that their weaponary and equipment is much better to that compared to the previously mentioned JTF.

As the official screenshot above shows, the new faction will be officially revealed soon!