Not longer than a month ago we reported that Tom Clancy’s The Division will support Tobii’s Eye-Tracking technology. While we had no info about the actual features its implementation will provide at the time of writing, it’s now official that the eye-tracking system will be available at launch. Furthermore a video showcases these features and describes them in detail.

Built-In Aim-Assist in the PvP Area?

At first the overall experience players could gain out of this system can’t be really denied as the Clean UI for example hides UI elements like mini-map, ammunition and health until a player looks at a specific part of the screen. Or the EyeX feature, that allows you to highlight certain items and locations on the mega map, which makes it even more comfortable to use.

But what about the Aim/Grenade/Cover at gaze and tagging functionality? By just looking at the screen and pressing a single button the camera either automatically centers itself on the target or enemies get tagged within a few seconds?

We haven’t found any info related to whether the eye-tracking functionality is only available in the PvE Zone of the game, or also in the Dark Zone – the PvP enabled area, but if latter is the case, prepare for another fall of the society, even though the amount of players that will actually make use of that system wouldn’t be really mentionable at all.

For a detailed report of how these features work, go to Tobii’s official website. What do you think about it?