Update: The gear sets have been removed from the Xbox website.

The official Xbox website has updated its details about the Tom Clancy’s The Division Season Pass contents and if we can believe that info, all pre-order gear sets that have been covered by us in the past seem to be part of it. However not all information seems to be correct as the Gold Edition exclusive National Guard set is still listed there.


A lot of people dislike Ubisoft’s marketing strategy when it comes to the different and also region locked pre-order bonuses for The Division and moreover, almost nobody really knows what you will get when pre-ordering or even buying the game. As mentioned before, we have tried to cover all available packages on our overview page, simply because we think that everybody should get that what he or she is paying for!

Besides this strategy, people in Europe would have received the exclusive Community Intelligence “Hunter” pack for participating on the platform, while people in the US had the chance to unlock a whole package of skins via the Agent Origins mini-series.

What Gear Sets Are Included Now?

The information on the Xbox site hasn’t been confirmed at all, but we can assume that at least the first five sets you can see in the image above/below are available for all Season Pass purchasers. These are the following packs:

  • N.Y. Police Pack
  • N.Y. Paramedic Pack
  • N.Y. Firefighter Pack
  • Survivor Pack
  • Hunter Pack

Hazmat and National Guard Set Not Included?

The “Hazmat” gear set was the first available pre-order bonus that was advertised in almost every official trailer. Why would you put that into the Season Pass and fool people who actually pre-ordered the game? Granted, you could apply the same question to all the other shop-exclusive pre-order bonuses, but Ubisoft decided to use them also for other purposes like the CI and Agent Origins thing.

In our opinion, the “Hazmat” gear set shouldn’t be part of this DLC pass at all if Ubisoft would appreciate these people.


What makes this even more worse is the fact that the as Gold Edition exclusive advertised gear set, the National Guard set is also listed there. We haven’t received an official statement from Ubisoft yet, but have talked with the official Xbox Support for like 20 minutes directly.

In these 20 minutes we made absolutely sure that the support understands our concern – by sending multiple links and descriptions to the different editions listed on the official sites.

In the end the support contact was aware of the misleading information on the Xbox website and told us that the contents will be reviewed as soon as possible.

The National Guard set must not be included in the Season Pass as long as it’s advertised as an exclusive DLC!

For more information about the different pre-order bonuses as well as game versions, go to our overview page that explains all of them in detail.