The Ubisoft Club update has not only revealed some fancy rewards, but also a third in-game currency in The Division, called Phoenix Credits. According to its description it is used to purchase high level equipment.

Note that High-End items were already purchasable with Dark Zone Funds at the DZ Vendor in the beta, so what could Phoenix Credits be used for?

Post-Launch Update. Find out more about Phoenix Credits in our currency overview.

Update: 22:56. One of the developers who is responsible for The Division’s digital marketing in Europe has now apparently confirmed via Twitter private messaging system (source: reddit user Ramainlog), that Phoenix Credits are not microtransactions or anything like that.

Phoenix Credits are not micro-transactions … In Tom Clancy’s The Division, there is no in-game currency that you can buy with real-world money. Phoenix credits is purely an in-game mechanic.

Furthermore he has stated once more that only DLCs and the Season Pass are available to purchase with real money. Read more about that here.

Similarity to Destiny’s Strange Coins?

Unless they are not related to microtransactions that will not be in the game, lets take a look at Bungie’s shooter Destiny and the there available special currency called Strange Coins, which purpose is to buy better gear at a special vendor named Xûr, Agents of the Nine.

Strange Coins can be randomly awarded for completing Public Events with a Gold Rating, completing Crucible matches, completing Weekly Nightfall Strikes, decrypting encrypted engrams, opening loot chests in the Prison of Elders, and turning in bounties.Destiny Wikia

While Division Credits in The Division can be obtained by completing missions, side-activities and encounters in the PvE zone of the game, DZ Funds can be only found in the Dark Zone by killing enemy NPCs, other players, or opening chests. You can also sell your items, but will mostly get Division Credits in exchange.


The concept of Phoenix Credits could actually fit the idea behind Strange Coins in Destiny and could probably be earned by participating in regular events or completing certain missions. We know that the developers will host such events every now and then after launch and what could be better than getting something special and valuable as a reward? Phoenix Credits.

Numerous vendors in The Division provide you with equipment of all kind. Could there be another special vendor for this high level equipment … like Xûr, who only appears in different locations every weekend?

No Real Money Involved! (old)

Interesting is the fact, that this new currency already appeared in the Agent’s Journey trailer, where a blue (Specialized) Enhanced ACR-E is worth 148 Phoenix Credits. Although it was said that there will be no microtransactions in the game, you will still be able to buy vanity items with real money.


And because of this fact and the screenshot above, it wouldn’t make sense at all if Phoenix Credits would suddenly be purchasable with real money, because it’s a weapon.

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege has also got an unlockable Uplay reward that gives players 200 Renown for 30 Uplay points, quite similar to the Phoenix Credits reward in The Division. Renown is Rainbow Six’s primary and free currency that is earned by playing matches or completing daily challenges. It can then be used to buy in-game operators, weapon upgrades (items) or skins. In addition, players can buy R6 Credits with real money – the second currency in Rainbow Six – which basically works the same as Renown – you just get things faster, but without an advantage over other players.

We will see very soon what Phoenix Credits really are and what we can buy with it. Keep in mind that none of the new currency related information provided above is confirmed and just reflects our personal thoughts of how Phoenix Credits could be implemented in the final game. What are your thoughts?