The Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold Edition is not that Gold & Special anymore as you might have thought until now, because Ubisoft tacitly decided to remove the National Guard Gear Set’s exclusive status.

Instead of that it’s now advertised as an Early Access Content (Unlockable Content – ULC), which makes the Gold Edition in terms of its “collection value” almost useless, also with regard to its price. Although we have legitimately questioned its availability in the Season Pass a few days ago, it is now confirmed that the National Guard Gear Set is part of it, which means that also buyers of the Tom Clancy’s The Division Sleeper Agent Edition – the Collector’s Edition of the game – will get this skin on day one!

In addition to that, retailers like Amazon and GameStop have started to list the Season Pass, so you can also purchase it separately from now on. The product description contains the following line:

Unlock Exclusive Day 1 Equipment including the National Guard Gear Set and the brutal Sawn-Off Shotgun.


While the image above was first only shown on Steam (we already reported about that in December when the digital pre-order for Xbox One started), it’s now included on almost every official website. Besides that, also the official Twitch stream and Uplay client advertise the Gold Edition with help of this image and the text below.


The Gold Edition of the game includes the season pass for the game granting you access to future DLC along with early access to the National Guard Gear so you’re ready to join the fight.Uplay Client

In our opinion and as gamers who have actually pre-ordered the Gold Edition a long time ago – just for this “exclusive skin”, it’s quite a shame that Ubisoft hasn’t communicated this – in our view – major product change at all. Decisions like that might happen during the development process, but continuing with spreading the wrong information makes it even worse.

Please don’t get us wrong at this point, because in the end it’s great that everybody (especially buyers of the more expensive Collector’s Edition) will get this gear set. The article’s only purpose is to inform you about the product content of the Gold Edition and the set’s final status, so here we go:

Who Will Get the National Guard Gear Set?

Summarized, every player will be able to unlock the National Guard Gear Set someday during the game’s progress, while buyers of the Season Pass, which implies the Gold EditionSleeper Agent Edition and “SHD Edition” Steelbook [AU]can use it on day one.

Furthermore this gear set has nothing to do with any of the pre-order bonuses.

For more information about the different pre-order bonuses as well as game versions, go to our overview page that explains all of them in detail.