Some people in the United Arab Emirates are actually able to buy and get the PlayStation 4 version of Tom Clancy’s The Division right now. According to them the servers aren’t up yet, so Ubisoft made sure that March 8th 2016 is the earliest possible date to play the game, which is only fair.

Update 01:40 All packshots have been deleted.

One of the posted photos (credits go to @chillwithaps4), especially the back side of the game’s case, reveals some interesting info. You will need at least 40 GB of free space (PS4) and the Dark Zone can obviously accommodate a maximum of 24 players simultaneously. 24 players would allow to form up to 6 full squads (6×4).

A PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to be able to play with other players or in the Dark Zone.

Although this was just the PS4 packshot, the amount of players per DZ instance on Xbox One and PC will probably be the same. We are getting closer agents!