How time flies! Only 7 days left until your mission in New York City starts – on March 8th 2016 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. Get in the mood, prepare and enjoy the last days with the new released Launch Trailer of Tom Clancy’s The Division and another Agent Intel mission.

Will We Start in Brooklyn?

Well, we will definitely not start in Midtown Manhattan … and of course not start at character level 4 (for all that still believe that), so where does our journey begin and what event brings us into that helicopter with the heavily injured SHD Analyst Faye Lau? Although it was said that Brooklyn will not be able to explore in the game, what would prevent the developers of including parts of it as some kind of starting and tutorial area, to get a first feel for our agent and a short introduction to what lies ahead.

We don’t have much intel, and we don’t have the luxury of failure, … not with Manhattan under lockdown and Brooklyn on the brink.Faye Lau, SHD Analyst

We have already seen a lot of footage that was captured in Brooklyn, so the chances are pretty high to explore at least some places in another borough of NYC. Enough of the speculation at this point though, because the answer is not that far away!

Agent Intel Mission #3

With Agent Intel mission number 3 called “Weapons Locker” you can build and customize one of three available weapons. The game itself will offer you many more options to build your weapon of choice.

Report to the Weapons Locker to assemble your firearm and prepare for combat. You have many options once you are in the field. These are just a few of them.


The achievement is once more an excerpt of the New York Collapse companion book.