tc-the-division-state-of-the-gameThis week’s State of the Game talk was focusing on the compensation for players due to the missing dailies around two weeks ago as well as those who were locked out by the game or stuck in the loading screen for crafting a High-End backpack. Moreover the developers of Tom Clancy’s The Division are looking into possible solutions to fix existent bugs, glitches and exploits.


Missing Dailies

All Players who log in this weekend will get 150 Phoenix Credits as some sort of compensation for the missing daily problem. The issue was caused by client side data which why a client side patch was necessary to fix the problem. More about the full patch notes of update 1.1 can be found here.

Backpack/Infinite-Loading Bug

In marked contrast to aforementioned problem, the backpack/infinite-loading bug was a game breaking bug that a lot of agents out there have suffered from. Fortunately the developers identified the problem and also released a fix which was also shipped with the latest update.

Players that were affected by this will find the following things in some time (probably already this week) in their character’s inventory:

  • 500 Phoenix Credits
  • 10 of each High-End crafting materials

Cheats, Glitches and Exploits

It almost feels like nothing has been done against cheaters since launch. And also glitchers/exploiters seem to be free to break the game for their own advantage every now and then. Yes, discussions (official forums) about punishments and bans are an ongoing topic, but those doesn’t bring us or the developers down to the real root of the problem. As said in the Twitch stream, they are working and improving their methods to effectively detect cheaters and their behavior patterns.

We are working on fixing the exploit. Obviously it is against our Code of Conduct and the team is looking into what can be done in terms of punishment for those who have exploited.Natchai Stappers, The Division Community Manager

Ubisoft and the devs have already proven this week that they are serious about this as the Incursion Glitch and Infinite DPS + Double Revive Glitch were successfully fixed earlier this day.

Keep on with reporting cheaters or players that seem to play against the rules by following the official FAQs. However please try to not report everybody because somebody killed you within a few seconds as their equipment could be better than yours under some circumstances. The more info you provide when reporting a player, like screenshots or even better – videos, the more you can help the devs to find out more about the reported issue who then might take appropriate actions against such players in form of bans and warnings.

Besides that you can also report players via the ingame chat by typing in “/report [playername]“. While you don’t get notified by the system, the developers are already thinking about a new and revised ingame reporting tool.

DZ Brackets Gear Score Mismatch

Some agents brought up a topic about Dark Zone mismatches with their friends in our forums, which is caused by the newly introduced Gear Score. We weren’t exactly sure about how this score affected the matchmaking at all, but what we know now is that your overall Gear Score is calculated by weapon and gear items

  • You have equipped
  • have in your Inventory
  • and stored in your Stash

Forwarded Suggestions

More of the suggestions from the community have been recently passed to the developers and you can still add new ones if you would like to see something changed or added to the game. The forwarded ones are

  • Commo rose, a list of expressions to help coordinate without voice chat
  • The Extraction list taking too much screen space
  • Lock groups in missions to counteract kicking before the boss
  • Short immunity timer when leaving DZ checkpoints / Safe houses
  • PC Specific: be able to link gear in chat