tc-the-division-state-of-the-gameYesterday’s The Division State of the Game talk was mainly about the now available Clear Sky Incursion in Challenge Mode and a sneak peek at the upcoming changes we can expect from update 1.3, which will be released later this month.

Clear Sky Challenge Mode

Some players have already completed the newest challenge in Tom Clancy’s The Division – the Clear Sky Incursion on Challenging difficulty – which was successfully rolled out with the latest server maintenance. Project Coordinator Quentin Correggi says that you and your team need to be very coordinated when you want to succeed and also suggests, that players who are not so familiar with enemy spawn times and compositions of shotgunners, snipers and other types of enemies, to replay it on Hard Mode.

Clear Sky requires you to protect the fuse carrier at all cost, which means that the player who carries the bag himself should enter this Incursion with a high amount of Toughness and ideally have teammates that are able to frequently heal him or pop the Survival Link signature skill as often as they can.

On Challenging difficulty, the standard rewards consist of at least one 204 High-End weapon and 240 Gear Set item. For the weekly reward, a second 240 Gear Set item is guaranteed. Check out this coverage for more information about loot drops since update 1.2.

No other Nerfs

Apart from the not in the patch notes listed Critical Hit Chance change, players have also criticized that the drop rates in the highest Dark Zone bracket 201+ as well as the Skill Power were nerfed a week after update 1.2’s release. According to the developers and the team, no related changes were made since then.

Update 1.3 Forecast

It’s June, time for the first paid DLC for Tom Clancy’s The Divsion – the first major expansion called “Underground”. No info about it has been released yet, however, not only Season Pass owners will get new content.

The following things can be expected to be released with the next update, while new information about the update will most likely be released during E3 2016 next week.

  • Increased stash size!
  • Planned base buffs for Assault Rifles, LMGs and Shotguns as part of the weapon re-balancing. A few changes in the meta are already expected by the developers.
  • The AA-12 Shotgun (was shown in the trailer for update 1.2, but actually not playable) will find its way into the game.
  • Scavenging mechanic will get an overall revamp. Maybe makes the Path of the Nomad Gear Set more useful then.