Players who logged in into their Uplay accounts through the client today might have already seen this info message popping up. Ubisoft has added a new security feature to protect your accounts even more, by using 2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator.

This extra layer of security can be activated for free and prevents people from hijacking your account in case they have knowledge of your password, as they would need the additional security code which will then be only provided by the on your phone/tablet installed  Google Authenticator app – available for iOS and Android.


Setting up the two-factor authentication is pretty simple and doesn’t require any technical skills. Just grab your phone, install the Google Authenticator, synchronize your Uplay account with the app and you are good to go! For more detailed information about how it works, please head over to your Uplay account page on ubi.com

Have you already set it up for your account? Are you personally using this type of additional account security? Let us know in the comments below!