It’s time to talk about another State of the Game session before the release of the next The Division update 1.3 and its “Underground” DLC, which will both be available this Tuesday, June 28th on Xbox One and PC. Prepare yourselves for massive changes regarding weapons, new items and nerfs.

Players on PlayStation 4 will have to be a bit more patient because the free update itself has been postponed for some days, impacting the availability of the ubi30 Tom Clancy outfits on all platforms as well.

We have already summarized some of the information we got since E3 and this stream in the following articles:

Gameplay Footage Not Reflecting Game’s State

If you have watched the at E3 2016 recorded gameplay videos of The Division, you might have noticed the one or other new item. Normally you would expect them to be part of the next update, however the developers had to clarify again that the there shown FrontLine Gear Set and also the with the B.L.I.N.D. Gear Set synergizing B.L.I.N.D. System Battle Rifle will not be available at this time.

Striker’s Battlegear and Sentry’s Call Changes

Unfortunately, not only the two popular SMGs AUG and Vector will receive a retrospective base damage reduction of 10% (read more if you haven’t done so yet), but also 2 Gear Sets, namely the Striker’s Battlegear as well as Sentry’s Call will be changed/nerfed drastically, so that the majority of players will probably have to rethink their overall gear composition completely.

According to Massive, the effectiveness of the sets’ 2 set and 3 set bonuses are too strong, which why they will be reduced and added in a new 5 set bonus. This means, that if you want to reach the same bonuses you have had before, you will have to equip 5 pieces instead of 4. We are not knowing the exact changes yet, but it’s not really understandable why they are going this way instead of buffing other Gear Sets, as this simply makes certain item combinations impossible, while other – even more overpowered Gear Sets – have still the option to do so.

More details and live gameplay regarding update 1.3 and “Underground” will be revealed next Monday, June 27th at 19:00 CEST / 13:00 EDT / 10:00 PDT in a new The Division Special Report.