New achievements and Uplay Rewards have been added during today’s maintenance and the deployment of The Division’s update 1.3/first major expansion “Underground”, including a total of 80 collectibles and hinting that Underground Rank 40 is probably the maximum rank you can reach down there.

For all who are wondering where the three promised exclusive Tom Clancy outfits are – those will be released next Tuesday, July 5th, which is most likely also the release date for the free update 1.3 on PlayStation 4.


The following 5 rewards are available to everyone and can be unlocked in your Ubisoft Club account. Once done, you can go to the Rewards Claim Vendor in your Base of Operations to get the new in-game content.

  • Ubisoft Club Pro Go Bag
    Adds a collection of essential items to the Rewards Claim Vendor, selected for the more advanced Agent. Gives you; 50 Phoenix Credits, 5 High-End Division Tech and 5 Dark Zone Keys. [50 Units]
  • Directive Intel (3)
    Add 3 pieces of Intel to the Rewards Claim Vendor. Use these to seek out harder targets in Underground. [20 Units]
  • Division Tech (3)
    Adds 5 pieces of the Division Tech to the Rewards Claim Vendor. Use these to craft high quality items. [30 Units]
  • Pro Crafting Kit (3)
    Adds 5 pieces of each High End Crafting material to the Rewards Claim Vendor. Use these to craft high quality items. [30 Units]
  • Inferno – Firestorm Weapon Skin
    Adds the Ubisoft Club Exclusive Inferno – Firestorm Weapon Skin to the Reward Claim Vendor. [20 Units]


You can unlock up to 5 new achievements that are worth 150 Gamerscore points (Xbox One) and 5 new trophies (PS4). In Uplay they can be found under the Actions tab and are worth a couple of XP and Uplay Units.

Begin with a BANG
Access the Tactical Operations Center.
10 GBronze
Objectively Experienced
Complete each of the 6 different mission objectives in the underground.
25 GBronze
The Beast Below
Reach Underground Rank 40.
50 GSilver
Tier One
In a group of 4 finish an Operation on Challenge with 5 directives enabled.
40 GSilver
Gone Spelunking
Retrieve all 55 Audio Logs and 25 UrbEx Diaries the Underground.
25 GSilver


The full list of achievements/trophies can be found here.