Four months have now passed since the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division and it’s really time to talk about the Season Passmonthly special events. The developers have finally published an article regarding those events and what Season Pass owners can actually expect from them in the next months.

The devs have implemented a first version of those Season Pass events with the latest update 1.3, which why the first event will already start in a few hours.

dark-zone-supply-drop-falling-down-parachuteIn addition to the exclusive content drops, two monthly Supply Drops – similar to those in the Dark Zone – will drop outside of the DZ in the streets of New York. Their locations will be indicated on the mega-map, and the chest will be protected by a group of level 32 NPCs. Based and adapted to the player’s Gear Score, the chest will contain 3 items of High-End or Gear Set items. A new chest will automatically drop and replace the old one on the 1st and 15th of each month.

The first Supply Drop will be claimable tomorrow, July 15th – without having to fear of being killed by Rogue Agents!

Moreover they have also planned to add more variety to these exclusive drops with random locations, as well as increased frequency for the next update 1.4.


Who can get these Supply Drops?

All Tom Clancy’s The Division Season Pass owners on Xbox One, PC and PS4 are eligible for these monthly special events. New events will start on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Can I get the loot without the Season Pass?

No, you won’t get any loot out of the Supply Drop, even if you team up with players who have it.

Are these Supply Drops per Account or per Character?

Supply Drops are per character, which means that if you have for example 4 characters, you can actually get the loot 4 times per event.

How much time do I have to claim a Supply Drop?

You have around 15 days to get it until the current Supply Drop will be replaced with a new one. So don’t worry if you are not at home at the day the new Supply Drop event starts!

I can’t see the Supply Drop on my map?

tc-the-division-season-pass-supply-drop-july-15th-drop-siteIn some cases the event needs to be triggered manually, by either entering and exiting the Base of Operations or a Safe House, or by fast travelling to one of the numerous points on your mega-map. The event should then be initiated and start within a few seconds! If not, please contact Ubisoft Support directly.

What loot can I get from a Supply Drop crate?

Basically the items’ quality depends on your currently equipped gear/your Gear Score. It seems so that players with good gear can expect

  • 1x 229 GS High-End,
  • 1x 229 GS High-End/268 GS Gear Set and
  • 1x 268 GS Gear Set item.

Enemy NPCs (level 32) who are protecting the drop site can also drop Target Intel you can use for High-Value Targets.