The deadline for applying The Division’s Elite Task Force workshop has passed and soon some lucky community members will be able to spend 3 intense days at Massive’s studio in Malmö, Sweden, talking about the game and Update 1.4.

However, this doesn’t mean that we or you should stop providing feedback at this point! Fine-tuning might be happening on site, but this can only be done when enough data is available and that’s why a new survey regarding the usage of Skills is now available.

You know, although The Division allows us to make use of 12 Skills in total, the higher the difficulty gets the less options you have – unless you want to make your agent’s life even harder as it already is. That’s why almost every player is using a combination of First Aid, Pulse and Smart Cover + Survivor Link Signature Skill.

Skills-Usage Survey

Here again is a short list of all available Skills including their modifications. If it’s easier for you, you can also check out the web based Skill Calculator.

Pulse: Recon Pack
The pulse has an increased range and is capable of locating nearby loot containers.

Pulse: Scrambler
The pulse protects the user and all allies from hostile pulse scans.

Pulse: Tactical Scanner
Damage is increased when attacking any hostile targets identified by the Pulse scan.

First Aid: Defibrillator
The device can revive downed allies and grant them a portion of their normal health.

First Aid: Overdose
The device heals targets more efficiently, and may even extend the target’s health beyond its normal rating.

First Aid: Booster Shot
Temporarily increases the damage for affected targets in addition to the normal healing effect.

Support Station: Life Support
Drops a revival station that automatically revives any allies who are downed within the affected area.

Support Station: Immunizer
Drops a recovery station that removes Status Effects and makes allies immune while within the affected area.

Support Station: Ammo Cache
While close to the device, allies regain their ammo as they reload, and skill cooldown recovery is faster.

Sticky Bomb: BFB
Increases the damage and radius of the explosion and may cause targets to bleed.

Sticky Bomb: Flashbang
The bomb explodes with a non-lethal effect that blinds and disrupts all targets in range.

Sticky Bomb: Proximity Fuse
The bomb explodes automatically when a hostile target is within range.

Turret: Active Sensor
Increases the turret’s damage and pulses attacked targets, making them visible to all allies.

Turret: Dragonbreath
The turret has reduced range but shoots a column of fire.

Turret: Zapper
The turret shoots electrical darts that damage and shock multiple targets.

Seeker Mine: Airburst
Upon impact, the mine is launched into the air and releases a cluster of small incendiary explosives.

Seeker Mine: Gas Charge
Upon impact, the mine moves between multiple targets and releases a cloud of gas.

Seeker Mine: Cluster
The mine separates into smaller mines that seek out multiple targets simultaneously.

Ballistic Shield: Reactive Targeting
Equips a stronger and lighter shield that pulses hostiles who shoot at it.

Ballistic Shield: Assault Shield
Equips a shield that grants the user’s sidearm increased damage, knockback, increased accuracy, and faster reload speed.

Ballistic Shield: Kinetic Breaker
Grants the user a small portion of incoming damage as healing.

Smart Cover: Trapper
Hostile targets using a reinforced cover deal less damage, while taking increased damage.

Smart Cover: Recharger
Allies using a reinforced cover slowly recover their health and get their skill cooldowns reduced.

Smart Cover: Concealment
Allies using a reinforced cover are hidden from hostile pulses and have reduced threat. Hostiles shot by allies from behind the cover are pulsed.

Mobile Cover: Extension
The cover provides more protection and extends to protect two persons.

Mobile Cover: Blast Shield
The cover is fitted with remote explosives that damage hostiles in front of it when the shield is disabled.

Mobile Cover: Countermeasures
While using the cover, the user deals increased damage and becomes immune to pulses.

Signature skills:
Recovery Link
Heals and cures the user and nearby allies. Revives downed allies within range. Can “overheal” beyond maximum health.

Tactical Link
Increases damage and critical hit chance to the user and all nearby allies.

Survivor Link
Increases damage resistance and speed for the user and nearby allies.