Yes! Tom Clancy’s The Division is finally getting a Public Test Server (PTS) for players on PC. Something a lot of players have waited for since launch and definitely another important step in the right direction to make the release of the upcoming Update 1.4 even better!

This was announced today in an official news article, stating that new information about its go-live will be released very soon. The reason for why it will most likely be not available for console players is the difficult process of deploying an update or patch for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4. According to the developers, the PC platform allows them to iterate and patch as much as they want, while they wouldn’t get that kind of flexibility on consoles.

In case you don’t know what a Public Test Server (PTS) or Public Test Realm (PTR) is, it’s a from the game’s live server environment separated realm so that new features and bugfixes can be tested directly by the players before an update actually goes live. This allows the developers to continue working on those things until the final release. Of course nobody is forced to play there, in the end it means less bugs and a better as well as more balanced gameplay experience.

Stay tuned for more!

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