In today’s State of the Game stream on Twitch, Hamish Bode was joined by Associate Live Producer Kevin Goyon to talk more about the recently announced Public Test Server (PTS) for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

PTS Details

The PTS will only be available for PC players at the moment as it allows the developers to constantly tweak and update the new build/patch in a controlled way whereas they don’t have that kind of flexibility and freedom on consoles as game updates need to be verified first by the console manufacturer.

However they are investigating and try to also find a way for console players to test the game. This will not happen for Update 1.4 though!

In addition, new and for the PTS specific forums will be created in order to gather more personal player feedback than they are already gaining from their data evaluation process and analytics tools.

Characters and Game Progress

All your live game progress including characters and gear would be transferred to the PTS so that you can continue playing and testing in this separated environment. but as mentioned in the original article, nobody is forced into doing that!

If that’s something for you, be aware of that none of your there earned items or progress will be pushed back to the live system. Also new characters can be created there in case you want to level a new character and experience this 1-30 leveling again with Update 1.4 in place.

Elite Task Force

Regarding the Elite Task Force Workshop, emails were sent out during this day, so make sure to check your inboxes and spam folders in case you are expecting an invite to Sweden.

No New Content!

Last but not least Hamish wanted to make sure and clear out that no new content will make it into Update 1.4. Neither a new Incursion, nor a PvP Arena or other stuff will be shipped with it, but what you can expect are major changes to the current game and some quality of life improvements such as a buy-back option at vendors (for example). The next content update will be the Survival DLC coming later this year as part of the Season Pass.