Granted, releasing a date for the next The Division Special Report regarding Update 1.4, which was scheduled for tomorrow, and the go-live date for the Public Test Server was probably a bit too optimistic, considering that the Elite Task Force workshop was still an ongoing thing last week.

That’s why Community Developer Hamish Bode has announced today that there will be no Special Report tomorrow and the PTS launch will be delayed for some more days.


The reason for this decision is obvious. They want to get as much content and changes of the next upcoming update into this first test phase on the PTS, including ideas and results of aforementioned workshop in order to be able to get the most valuable feedback out of it.

While we can most likely expect a Special Report of Update 1.4 at the very end and right before the update’s release in October, the devs will try to keep us up-to-date through their weekly State of the Game streams and share as much information as possible.

Also the PTS will not be available this Thursday, so we will have to be a bit more patient until it goes live and the testing begins. A new date hasn’t been announced yet though, but might probably be revealed at the SotG later this week.

Stay tuned for more info.