In case you can’t wait for tomorrow’s Special Report and would like to be prepared for what’s coming, here’s what we currently know about Update 1.4 in form of a list consisting of features, changes and quality of life (QOL) improvements that have been confirmed so far by the developers on their daily live streams.

Keep in mind that it’s just a small portion of changes that will arrive with the next patch!

  • Introduction of World Tiers
  • Complete overhaul of core systems and scalings (Source: SotG)
  • All enemies will be able to drop the best loot in the game (Source: SotG)
  • Being able to run in the Base of Operations (Source: SotG)
  • Weapon Skins no longer take inventory slots (Source: SotG)
  • Craft-all button (Source: SotG)
  • Buyback option (Source: SotG)
  • Lockable items (Source: @Naked_Cowboy)
  • Falcon Lost gets checkpoints (Source: reddit)
  • Restocking will automatically reload your magazine (Source: reddit)
  • Vanity items can be previewed before buying them (Source: reddit)
  • Performance Mods become more powerful (Source: YouTube)
  • New Maximum Gear Score: 229 (Source: SotG)

New information will definitely be released tomorrow during the Special Report live stream on Twitch and we might even get some preliminary patch notes.

Stay tuned!