Ubisoft has revealed the official trailer for The Division’s upcoming Survival DLC. The trailer shows the key aspects of the game’s second major expansion and gives a glimpse of what awaits you in there, including some new impressions of the Hunter faction.

We have already learned a lot about its content during yesterday’s Special Report and if you have missed the original teaser trailer for this update, it’s definitely worth to check it out before you watch this one!

The Survival DLC is part of the Season Pass and might be available separately in the future. It will be released together with the free Update 1.5 somewhere at the end of this year.

The PTS has also received a small update which fixed the following 2 bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where successfully extracting would drop all of the players items on the ground
  • Fixed a bug where players would be disconnected from the game due to some problems with items