tc-the-division-state-of-the-gameWithout any server downtime today, the from now on rescheduled State of the Game stream will begin at 05:00 PM CEST instead of midday in the future. This way the Community Managers have more time for preparation and can reach more people at the same time. Main topic of today’s episode was the delay of The Division’s Update 1.5 on PS4 and what the currently known issues are.

Update 1.5 on PS4

Unfortunately, Update 1.5 will not make it to the PS4 live servers this week, but the goal is Tuesday, November 29th – next week. Although the patch has already been submitted a couple of days ago to go through Sony’s verification process, there were some – not further detailed – issues which why Sony rejected the build.

While the developers can not really talk about what happened, this just means that players on PS4 will have to wait a bit longer, again. 1.5 for Xbox One and PC couldn’t be delayed in favor of a simultaneous release as that would have caused another delay for the Survival DLC on PS4 because of the one month exclusive deal between Ubisoft and Microsoft. The release for Survival on PlayStation 4 is currently scheduled for December 20th.


Known Issues

Connectivity and Performance Problems

Players on PC have experienced major connectivity problems, resulting in Mike and Delta errors, especially on release day of Update 1.5 and Survival. The main issues should have been resolved now on the server side, but if you still experience outages it’s recommended that you contact the Ubisoft Support.

Furthermore players are reporting graphical issues with SLI and VSync as well as performance problems and game freezes. The developers seem to be aware of this problem and are working on a fix.

Named Items

6 new, so called Named Gear Items  have been introduced with Update 1.5. An issue with the Colonel Bliss’ holster prevents this item from dropping in the General Assembly Story Mission on Hard, where it’s supposed to drop. While it’s still obtainable through Field Proficiency and Survival Caches, Community Manager Yannick confirmed via reddit that they will prepare a fix for this problem until the next maintenance (probably next week).


Survival Official Game Soundtrack

tc-the-division-survival-dlc-original-game-soundtrack-coverUbisoft has released the second official game soundtrackthis time for The Division’s Survival DLC. It’s available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon and consists of 12 tracks. You could already start listening to it for free on YouTubeSoundCloud, or many other ways listed here.