tc-the-division-state-of-the-gameBesides the more or less successful update earlier this day and the already scheduled maintenance downtime for tomorrow, The Division’s Community Developers Hamish Bode and Yannick Banchereau have revealed some player stats of the new Survival Mode and also talked about the rarity and drop rates of Named Gear Items in today’s State of the Game episode.

Drop Rates of Named Items

So far the developers seem to be happy with the drop rates of aforementioned items. In short, there are currently no plans to increase them.

These items are supposed to be very good and powerful, which why players should feel rewarded when such an item actually drops. This is probably not the answer a lot of players have been waiting for in the last couple of days, but on the other side it makes sense considering the high drop chances of regular loot and Gear Set pieces.

Survival Stats

Last but not least here are some statistics of Survival. Although a multiplayer session in Survival could last up to 2 hours, the overall average time per run in PvE and PvP mode is 41 minutes.

While the percentage of successful runs is really low (only 13% in total) and changing every day, other players seem to be very successful, for example with 357 NPC kills in a single session, which is quite impressive.

Percentage of successful runs:

  • Total: 13%
  • PvE: 14%
  • PvP: 12%

Most Survival wins:

  • PvE: 45 times
  • PvP: 69 wins

Highest Score:

  • PvE: 24 390
  • PvP: 26 346

Most deaths in one session:

  • PvE: 9
  • PvP: 8

Most unsuccessful Survival runs:

  • PvE: 176
  • PvP: 172