Hey! We would like to share this fan-made The Division Skill Calculator tool with you that primarily allows you take a closer look at all the in-game Abilities, including Skills, Talents and Perks.

On the one hand, you can quickly access their info, but also calculate the attributes based on your given Skill Power and Skill Haste. By hovering a Skill’s mod, you could also compare it with other ones in a very basic way.

In addition, Skills and Talents can be equipped and the app generates a shareable link for you, which will then be displayed in the lower left corner. Feel free to generate as many builds as you want! Here is a clickable example of how this works:

Some of you might have already seen something like that in the past. Indeed! It was Miodec and some of his friends who created the first version of this tool, which was then later on improved and refactored by nevotheless. While those guys did a great job (Kudos to them at this point), we decided to create an on another technology based and completely new version of this tool.

Building it – the frontend – is one part, but without proper data to display, it wouldn’t have allowed us to develop it at all. Many thanks to spydr101 at this point who is a very passionated data-miner when it comes to data related to Tom Clancy’s The Division. He is by the way also the creator of the Gear Cheat Sheet.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to give some feedback, please feel free to write a comment below, or simply contact us via our contact page. In case you missed the link to the tool, follow this one to get right into it please.