tc-the-division-state-of-the-gameToday’s maintenance has fixed a bug where players weren’t able to collect the reward for completing all side missions. Furthermore a new performance patch for PC players as well as the return of a new Elite Task Force with focus on the DZ and PvP have been announced in the State of the Game stream.

PC Performance Patch

With Update 1.5, a couple of really annoying performance issues have found their way into the game, primarily, but not only affecting the PC platform. That’s why a new PC only patch is scheduled to go live somewhere next week. It will address the following problems:

  • 100% CPU usage (as a quick fix you could try to lower The Division’s process priority in your Task Manager for now)
  • Loss of character control
  • Xbox Controller that causes crashes

In addition, the patch will unlock the already on the PTS seen DirectX 12 Renderer option. While this should also boost the performance, especially on systems with higher resolutions, you will not be able to change the brightness anymore when it’s activated. An option for that will be provided at a later date.

Known Issues

As mentioned before, also consoles are recently suffering from FPS drops, stuttering and freezes. The developers are investigating on this.

Unfortunately, also the First Aid healing delay is back in the game. Update 1.4 seemed to have fixed the problem, but obviously something is still there that prevents the system from working corretly. The developers are asking for videos or any kind of footage that could help to reproduce the problem. You can post it in the official Technical Support forum.

The newly added weapon Famas with the Weapon Talent Uncomplicated is causing an issue when used in combination with the AlphaBridge Gear Set. Uncomplicated is also considering the attached Stability and Accuracy Weapon Mods of the secondary equipped Assault Rifle, resulting in a higher damage loss than it should be (should only consider the weapon you are currently using).


Last but not least the still existent spawning problem with the Riker’s boss LaRae Barrett in Lexington Event Center. Due to the missed opportunity to fix this bug with the second hotfix deployment last Friday, the leader of the Rikers can still decide to go back up to the balcony from where you can’t access the loot anymore once she is dead.

True, there is a small chance to get it through the wall when going back to the beginning of the mission, but that’s not really the solution. To avoid triggering this problem at the moment, you should let come her out of the room first and then start attacking her, otherwise aforementioned scenario could be triggered.

Since Update 1.5, Barrett has been killed more than 2.85 million times, which makes the same named item Barrett’s bulletproof vest currently to one of the most wanted Named Gear Items.