The year 2016 is almost over, but before that and in addition to the recently released Let it Snow and Parade Pack, the developers want to thank all agents out there and wish happy holidays by giving away two pom pom beanies for free.

Make sure to grab them by logging in between now and December 31st. You can then get them from your Rewards Claim Vendor in the Base of Operations.


If you have missed the last State of the Game, you can watch it here. It was also the last episode in this year. The developers will be back in 2017 with new information on Update 1.6 (ETF Bravo), the last expansion Last Stand and hopefully more content for year 2.

This week’s maintenance has finally fixed the balcony problem with Larae Barrett. It’s now safe to attack her as soon as she comes down as the loot will always drop in front of you in case she gets killed up there.

  • Fixed an issue that could unexpectedly lead to long queuing times when match making in a group for Survival.
  • Fixed a bug where Larae Barrett’s loot would get stuck on the Balcony. Now if she is killed on the Balcony, the loot will spawn by the player.