Before we are going to see the first State of the Game episode in 2017, Ubisoft has published a half minute long teaser trailer for The Division’s upcoming major expansion Last Stand a few hours ago.

While we still don’t know much about it, the Dark Zone as well as teamwork seem to play an important role in this DLC, considering that the trailer is showcasing squads of up to 4 players? who are wearing the same-colored uniforms in red and blue.

Fortification has been enabled at Alpha.

Moreover, fortifications like turrets apparently allow you to set-up some sort of base protection for different zones, which sounds similar to what has been datamined recently. Will it protect you against other players, or something else?

When rewatching the original year one content trailer, it says that you and your squad will have to defend yourselves against a relentless foe, with the ability to “recruit other agents and build the defences to help you hold the line.”.

Honestly, it could be everything at this point, starting from a Domination mode to a redefined Team Deathmatch.

Before we continue speculating, more information about Last Stand will be released during tomorrow’s SotG, starting at 08:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM EST / 05:00 PM CET.