A few days before the release of Update 1.6 and Last Stand the developers of The Division have published a sneak peek for the new Season Pass exclusive Incursion called Stolen Signal. Some of you have probably tried it out during the public test phase and realized that it plays a bit differently compared to the other already existing ones.

Stolen Signal takes place in a civil TV broadcasting center, which the JTF requisitioned in order to get their emergency broadcasts out to the civilian population. Unfortunately, the Rikers soon moved in, kicked the JTF out and took hostages. It is now up to the SHD to retake control and save the JTF operatives from their captors in the process.

The broadcasting center is separated into three different wings where players will face unique combat scenarios, bosses and hostage situations with heavy focus on tactical gameplay and the way you and your build are synergizing with the rest of the team.

When completing one of these wings you will be rewarded with some loot, but completing all of them will unlock the final boss fight in an additional wing, which is, according to the preliminiary patch notes the “strongest opposition yet”. As usual, you can expect more loot if you actually manage to survive and complete the whole Incursion.

The environment might turn on you. Stay flexible. Stay vigilant.

The Division’s Expansion III: Last Stand comes with the Last Stand Game Mode and the Incursion Stolen Signal. It will be released simultaneously in a couple of days on all three platforms and at the same time as the free Update 1.6 goes live.

If you are now interested in some real gameplay footage (PTS), you can watch for example Like Butter’s run on Heroic.