Operation ISAC is apparently back again. Although it was planned to continue the story around Simon, Esmay and Asher with the release of The Division’s second expansion Survival, nothing really happened since then until last week, where Ubisoft has released two new transmissions – 23 and 24.

However, this already seems to be the beginning of its end, with Esmay taking over the transmission after the threat to the node ended. There is one last weekly in-game assignment to complete in order to earn the following rewards down below.

All you have to do is to pick up Simon’s Cache which is located next to the entrance to the Terminal in the Base of OperationsA more or less unspectacular mission to wrap up the Operation ISAC mini-series, so are the rewards for completing this mission:

  • Simon’s Vanity Set (Hat, Jacket, Pants, Scarf, Shirt, Shoes)
  • 3 High-End Division Tech Materials