Last Stand, The Division’s latest DLC addition was released around 3 weeks ago, but instead of being able to enjoy the newly introduced objective-based PvP experience in a fair and controlled environment, the majority of players has to fight against cheaters and exploiters who apparently have already gained the upper hand in this game mode and the entire Dark Zone.

Especially one bug is driving fair players crazy at the moment, namely the ability to become invisible under certain circumstances. Unfortunately, players have already posted videos about it which makes the whole situation even worse.

Although a bugfix for this problem was planned to be rolled out during tomorrow’s maintenance on March 23rd, the latest update says that – besides a regular server maintenance – the fix itself will not be deployed this Thursday.

Please note that while we have a fix in preparation for the issue which causes players to become invisible under certain circumstances, we couldn’t deploy it with this maintenance.Ubi-QuB3, Community Representative

This means that exploiters can continue to grief other players without having to fear any sanctions by Ubisoft. The aforementioned bug seems to be neither a known issue nor is it listed as an official exploit. Not longer than a year ago Massive has promised more transparency when it comes to cheats and exploits, but nothing happened so far, which is not really understandable at this point.

The only way to avoid this farce is currently to avoid the entire PvP mode at all. Instead, it’s probably better to try out the new Legendary Difficulty mode or the new Incursion Stolen Signal. Other than that, good luck out there!

Update 23.03.2017

Despite yesterday’s announcement that the invisibility fix will not be rolled out with today’s maintenance, the downtime was actually extended to deploy it to live!

We will be extending the maintenance by approx. 1 hour until 1:30PM CET / 8:30AM EDT / 5:30AM PDT to deploy a fix for the invisibility issue.Ubi-QuB3, Community Representative