First of all and despite yesterday’s announcement, Massive thankfully decided to extend today’s maintenance downtime for an hour in order to deploy the bugfix for the invisibility glitch, which is now live. In addition, Community Developer Hamish Bode gave us a small preview during the latest State of the Game episode of what we can expect from the next client-side patch, which will primarily focus on improving the player experience.

Update 1.6

In general, the developers seem to be pretty happy about the outcome of Update 1.6 and Last Stand. The build diversity is higher than ever before, considering all the revamped Exotics, Weapon Gear Sets as well as major changes to the Toughness system around Armor and Resistances. However, there are still things that need to be addressed and the aforementioned patch should help to achieve that.

NinjaBike messenger bag anybody? There is a slight chance that it could get buffed in the future, so keep some of them for now and let’s hope for the best.

Pre-1.7 Details

We are not talking about the next big free Update 1.7 which is scheduled for this summer, but something that will also be released in form of a client patch in the next couple of weeks. None of the following changes is final, but you get the point of what the developers are currently working on.

  • Nimble Holster: The talent will probably be changed into heal over time (4 seconds) instead of granting an instant heal once a cover to cover move is completed. It might be the same amount of health points though that will be regained.
  • Stagger: Will be reduced on all weapons with the next client patch.
  • Airburst Seeker Mine: The total damage output will be redistributed, but stays the same; initial damage will be decreased, damage from the fire effect increased.
  • Last Stand Spawn Camping: New respawn points will be added to prevent spawn camping in the Last Stand mode.
  • Extended Magazines:
    • Level 32 magazines can drop with values higher than their level 34 counterparts. The next patch will normalize these values between those legacy magazines and level 34 variants.
    • New magazines can then drop with 121%.
  • Macros, free scrolling mouse wheels, etc.: Massive will address the issue where players could gain an unfair advantage over others by using macros or devices which can potentially get rid of the limitations of certain weapons, especially those with a burst fire mode.

Not every change requires a client update and so the developers are currently also reworking the Medkit system which can then be changed on the server side as part of an upcoming maintenance.

No final date for neither Update 1.7 or this pre-patch has been communicated yet.

PTS for PC and Consoles

Last but not least, the Public Test Server will come back once the next client bugfix patch is ready to be tested by the community. While only PC players will be able to test this patch, the PTS for the big Update 1.7 will be accessible for players on PC as well as on consoles.

More information about this will follow in time.