The Division’s Quality Update 1.6.1 is now out for 2 days, apparently quite enough time to upset the whole community again. A new thread in the game’s subreddit shows the whole extent of this and lists dozens of old and new bugs the quality update should have already fixed. In addition, the way of how things are getting communicated is unfortunately getting worse again, not only because of the ETF workshop this week.

That being said, tomorrow’s maintenance downtime starting from 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT will only address the following 2 bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where players were able to increase the damage output from their secondary weapon by using incendiary ammo on their primary weapon
  • Fixed a bug which caused the NinjaBike messenger bag to continue dropping.

According to another thread on reddit, this incendiary ammo glitch was reported weeks ago through a private channel in order to prevent more players from abusing this game breaking bug in the PvP mode. But this issue obviously wasn’t addressed and fixed with the latest update and because players have already started to publish tutorials of how to use the glitch during last weekend, the developers were now pretty much forced to fix this problem as fast as possible. Otherwise the PvP mode would have turned into a big mess again.

It sadly almost seems so that the developers are only reacting so fast when there is no other way out for them and has happened a couple of times now in the past. Things are only getting addressed that quickly if players are actually forcing them to do so by making exploits and glitches public, or if there are loot bugs that would grant players some nice hours of farming.