After the quick recap of the ETF Charlie workshop from last week, 2 community members who actually attended this workshop have now revealed some interesting news regarding Update 1.7 and 1.8.

With the YouTuber Arekkz as host, rxlyaT and BinaryNumb have shared their on-site workshop experience at Ubisoft Reflections (Newcastle, UK) and talked about the new upcoming content for Tom Clancy’s The Division.

To begin with, the two for Update 1.7 scheduled features Seasons and Feats are now called Global Events and Commendations, while the initial thoughts on both things stayed the same. Global Events will still be some sort of limited, timed events and Commendations are built on top of an in-game achievement system.

Although the information was released with the permission of the developers, 1.7/1.8 are still work in progress, which why you should take the following news bits that have been extracted from the video above with a grain of salt.

Update 1.7

When talking about Update 1.7, we only really know about Global Events and Commendations as well as new gear and vanity items so far, but this is apparently just “only around half of the things that are coming with this update”, BinaryNumb said.

Global Events

  • They occur once a month and last for one week (duration may vary to coincide with seasonal events).
  • Global modifier applies to ALL PvE content (positive modifier designed to make things more fun).
  • During the event a specific set of activities is put into a playlist and you can ADD an additional “Activity modifier” to add a more challenging twist OR add a “Group modifier” to add group mechanics on top.
  • Modifiers increase the chance to get better rewards at the end.
  • During a Global Event, you will be able to earn a new type of STAT ITEM that will help develop your build further.
  • You will also be able to get a new type of Vanity Item (this is different to the ones earned from Commendations).


  • These are an achievement type activity that encourage you to grind in order to complete them.
  • Some Commendations reward you with completion points to increase your overall score (bragging rights).
  • Others will reward you with a new type of vanity item (different to the vanity items we have right now, so these items will be tied to a new slot as we have already heard at the Anniversary event).
  • There are LOTS of commendations. Some are easy and will complete passively, others will force you to play a different way and will be very challenging.

Update 1.8

Update 1.8 however on the other side seems to have the potential to become the next (free) Season Pass of Year 2 fans are probably still waiting and hoping for – along with new Rogue mechanics.

Update 1.8 is probably going to be one of the biggest content drops in this launch.

According to rxlyaT and BinaryNumb, 1.8 feels like as big as the three major expansions from the first Season Pass together and that they would pay for if it wouldn’t be free already for everyone out there.

As said before, all this information is still subject to change. The next State of the Game episode will be hosted this Thursday where more information regarding these updates will probably be shared with the community.

Sources: ArekkzrxlyaTBinaryNumb