Although it has been already confirmed some days ago that we will not be able to keep our existing The Division characters in The Division 2, we wanted to give this some additional time to settle, simply because one important detail around vanity items was always left out, until now.

In a new video interview from YouTuber Skill Up with Creative Director Julian Gerighty and Game Director Mathias Karlson, it has been once again confirmed that players won’t be able to continue playing with their existing characters and therefore would have to create “brand new characters” in The Division 2 in order to save Washington D.C.

That was part of the hard decision, but again, the whole progression game, whole campaign; it’s a power journey, it’s something to be experienced, it’s something we think is a good thing.

Only the cosmetics you can now earn and unlock through the new Shields program will be available. None of your other gear items, weapons, mods, Face Masks from Global Events or even arm patches from Commendations will be carried over to the sequel.

It’s totally understandable that the developers cannot simply copy the characters 1:1 from part one as it wouldn’t allow them to go new ways in The Division 2, especially when it comes to stat-balancing and this kind of things, however, we are still a bit surprised that absolutely nothing (besides shields) of your hard earned vanity gear will make it into the new game.

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