The Division’s first Global Event, Outbreak, finally returns. Starting with today, agents have now and again time for a week until Monday, July 2nd, 08:00 AM UTC, to hunt for Classified Gear Sets, Commendations and Face Masks.

Not only the event’s name is the same, but also the three masks – The Trench, CBRN, and Chemist mask – as well as Classified versions of the DeadEYE, LoneStar and Final Measure Gear Sets can be earned alongside vanity rewards and aforementioned Commendations.

The following modifiers will be live during the event:

  • Outbreak—Always active. Headshot kills increase headshot damage for a duration and hurt nearby targets.
  • Severe Outbreak—Outbreak behavior, plus enemies are ‘Contagious’ and will drain Agents’ health when close.
  • Critical Outbreak—Severe Outbreak behavior, plus headshot-marked enemies are killed instantly by a headshot from another Agent.

Please note that if you’ve already earned the Outbreak weapon skins and vanity outfit, leaderboard caches will not give new rewards.

More information about The Division’s roadmap for 2018.