Yesterday’s State of the Game episode was short but concise and confirmed that Global Event Assault will be playable once again, starting next week Monday already. In addition, the by the community raised balancing concerns about the Striker’s Battlegear Gear Set will be addressed in upcoming weeks, same goes for the “Running Bug” fair players are currently plagued by in the Dark Zone.

The free week of Underground has now ended. It was initially enabled to also give players who don’t own the DLC a chance to complete the challenges of this month’s shield, “Sacred”. Moreover, the during the server maintenance deployed commendation fix for “Fast Mover” will now progress as intended.

  • Kill 10 enemies with increased close range damage during Assault in 60 seconds

By completing these Global Event’s challenges, you can earn exclusive rewards, consisting of the Happy, Hockey, and Piggy facemasks – as well as Classified versions of the StrikerSentry’s Call and Reclaimer Gear Sets.

The following modifiers will be live during the event:

  • Global Modifier: Assault
    Always active; Enemies are Vulnerable and all Agent damage is increased at close range.
  • Activity Modifier: Crucial Assault
    Assault behavior plus all enemy damage is increased at longer range.
  • Group Modifier: Major Assault
    Crucial Assault behavior plus Agent damage increases when near other Agents, enemy damage increases when Agents are separated.

Please note that if you’ve already earned the Assault weapon skins and vanity outfit, leaderboard caches will not give new rewards.

More information about The Division’s roadmap for 2018.