Are you still looking for a way to cool yourself down during these hot summer days? Then it’s time for some preparation work, grab a Pom Pom beanie, a pair of gloves, winter jacket and whatever else it takes to stay alive during the next couple of weeks, because it’s going to be very cold out there soon!

The now in August released The Division Shield called “Phoenix” leads you into the game’s Survival mode and will challenge you in form of 3 objectives in order to unlock this month’s rewards.

Because the Shield’s challenges have to be completed within Survival, Ubisoft gives players who don’t own the second expansion DLC yet the chance for one full week to test themselves in a unique and hostile environment to successfully extract experimental anti-virals.

Tip: Don’t forget the flare gun and keep an eye on the yet invisible threat.


  • Extract 5 items in Survival
  • Survive for 5 hours in Survival
  • Kill 5 Hunters in Survival


  • Division Shield: Phoenix (arm patch)
  • Division Shield Cache

For more information about the Shields program, check out the introduction here.