The Australian Microsoft Store has revealed first details about the game’s editions that will be available for purchase and pre-order, two months after The Division 2’s E3 announcement and just in time for the upcoming gamescom 2018 in Cologne this week.

Besides the nowadays typical Standard, Gold and Ultimate Edition, it also lists a Year 1 Pass as well as a bunch of DLCs that come bundled with the different versions. But first things first. While the content of the Standard edition should be clear – nothing more than the game itself – the Gold and Ultimate Edition will include aforementioned Year 1 Pass, also available for purchase separately.

The Division 2 is following the already well-tried approach as the original game when it comes to pre-order bonuses, especially unique outfit bundles for your characters. So will people who pre-order any of these versions always receive the Capitol Defender Pack DLC. When pre-ordering Gold or Ultimate Edition, early game access with up to 3 days is granted, as well as exclusive in-game items and access to a Private Beta.

One of the more interesting bundles from a gameplay perspective is probably the Elite Agent Pack. It’s only available in the Ultimate Edition and comes with an exotic assault rifle, an exclusive skill effect as well as additional stash space.

Besides that, Ubisoft is also well known for releasing detailed Collector’s Editions (maybe named Definitive? as is listing it for example) and although the store doesn’t explicitly mention such a version, it’s more than likely that more information about it will be unveiled in the near future.


Bundle Standard Gold Ultimate
Capitol Defender Pack X X X
Year 1 Pass X X
First Responder Pack X
Battleworn Secret Service Pack X
Elite Agent Pack X

Gold Edition

The Gold Edition includes the Year 1 Pass and gives up to 3 days early access to the game. Exclusive in-game items and access to a Private Beta can be obtained when pre-ordering the game.

The Gold Edition includes

  • Main game
  • Year 1 Pass
  • Capitol Defender Pack

Ultimate Edition

The game’s Ultimate Edition contains everything the Gold Edition does.

The Ultimate Edition includes

  • Main game
  • Year 1 Pass
  • Capitol Defender Pack
  • First Responder Pack
  • Battleworn Secret Service Pack
  • Elite Agent Pack

Year 1 Pass

Ubisoft will release three DLCs in Year One which will be available for free and everyone. However, with the Year 1 Pass, players can purchase additional exclusive items and content.

While we don’t know yet what the Year 1 Pass will actually include, The Division 2 is part of Ubisoft’s games as a service strategy. That being said, the pass could include various discounts for in-game cosmetics, boosters for experience points, or even additional Specializations to the ones we already know, similar to what Rainbow Six Siege is, for example, doing it now for already 2 years with its unique Operators.

According to the website, you get access to a VIP premium membership that will end on March 14th, 2020. More details will be released soon.


Capitol Defender Pack

The Capitol Defender Pack is available when pre-ordering the game.

  • Exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun
  • Hazmat 2.0 Outfit

First Responder Pack

The First Responder Pack is part of the Ultimate Edition and includes:

  • The First Responder outfit
  • The First Responder weapon skin

Battleworn Secret Service Pack

The Battleworn Secret Service Pack includes:

  • Battleworn Secret Service outfit
  • Secret Service emote
  • Secret Service weapon skin

Elite Agent Pack

The Elite Agent Pack includes:

  • An exotic Assault Rifle
  • An exclusive skill effect
  • Additional stash space

Although all of the here provided information was posted on an official website, images, contents, prices and other things may still be subject to change. More information about the game and maybe about these versions will most likely be released in the upcoming days during gamescom.