A new trailer has been released introducing players to the new content of The Division 2’s upcoming Open Beta, which is starting at the end of this week on March 1st.

Besides the updates and fixes the developers have implemented since the end of the Private Beta, here are the additional things players will be able to try out and explore during these four exciting days of action.

  • Character level cap increase to level 8
  • An additional Story mission—Viewpoint Museum
  • A new Skill—Chem Launcher with two variants, Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor
  • Two more Settlement Projects with the second upgrade of the Theater
  • An additional Skirmish PVP map—Capitol Ruins

Similar to the Private Beta, you will be able to create only one character while three more will be automatically unlocked once you have completed the Jefferson Trade Center mission. Each of these characters will use one of the 3 Specializations to try out The Division 2’s endgame – an Invaded Mission. For more detailed information about the included content, please check out our Private Beta coverage.

Start and End Times

The preload of the Open Beta client starts on February 28th, it finally becomes playable sometime on March 1st and will then end on March 4th, depending on the region and time zone you are joining from. The image below might help you in finding the correct and specific start and end times for your area.

Participating in the Open Beta means that you won’t go away empty-handed, even if you just want to try out the game.

Open Beta Rewards

While we already know the DZ Patriot Weapon Skin and Capitol Hill Arm Patch from the Private Beta, two new rewards – the Supply Crate Backpack Trophy and Capitol Hill Backpack Trophy – can be obtained by completing the Dark Zone East Introduction Mission and participating in the Open Beta.

The progress you might have made during the Private Beta will not carry over to the Open Beta, the same goes for the transition between the Open Beta to the full game. Everyone will have to start with new characters at launch.