Ubisoft has finally updated its The Division 2 related store pages to include the first and very brief information about the game’s Year 1 Pass.

Moreover, the previously as “additional stash space” advertised bonus of the Elite Agent Pack has now been corrected into “headstart on stash space“.

To not get confused with the free content (Episodes) the developers have already announced at last year’s E3, The Division 2’s Year 1 Pass is an optional addition to the full game and is included in the Gold, Ultimate, Dark Zone Definitive and Phoenix Shield Edition (version overview). It will probably also be available as a separate DLC in the future.

The premium pass grants

  • 7-days early access to the aforementioned Year 1 Episodes,
  • instant access to all Year 1 Specializations as they release,
  • 8 Classified Assignments: “The fall of DC”,
  • exclusive cosmetics and
  • additional in-game activities.

After the full reveal of the skill trees of the three existing Specializations last week, it’s now also official that new ones will be released during the first year.

For players without the pass, the question remains whether these Specializations have to be unlocked via in-game credits or become automatically accessible after a certain period. The same goes for the monetization possibility, where players without the Year 1 Pass could potentially buy them to get immediate access like new Operators can be purchased in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege.

It’s also fair to say that the developers have already mentioned several times that they don’t want to make the same “mistake” of splitting the community apart with exclusive content as they did with The Division 1’s Season Pass. This means that the pass itself will not come with separate areas like Underground or game modes like Last Stand.

Also included are the under the “The fall of DC” labeled 8 Classified Assignments, which sound very familiar when thinking about the Daily and Weekly Assignments we have already seen in the first game. Because they seem to have something to do with the fall of Washington, D.C., it could very well be that these are some sort of mini and more side- or background-story related quests.

Last but not least, exclusive vanity items and more additional in-game activities – that have hopefully nothing to do with collecting Monthly Supply Drops (at least not in the same way) – complete this package of the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Year 1 Pass.

As always, stay tuned for more information about its full details and check out our overview of available editions of the game.