There are still some hours left to try out The Division 2 and earn some rewards until its Open Beta ends. Meanwhile, GameSpot managed to get an exclusive preview of the first Gear Set called “True Patriot” in the game.

Although the in the video shown UI might be a bit misleading, you will be able to find both types of gear, namely Brand Sets and Gear Sets, in the final game.

The set seems to be dedicated to support-oriented players as its 6-piece bonus, which you can see down below, comes with three debuffs (Red, White and Blue) that also affect other players in your team. Every enemy you damage over a certain amount gets a debuff in the following order:

  1. Red debuff decreases damage dealt by the target.
  2. White debuff restores armor per bullet to players that shoot the target.
  3. Blue debuff grants an amount of skill haste when hit.

An additional passive bonus “Full Flag” damages enemies (with all three colors on them) which are close to the enemies (also with all three debuffs) that are getting hit.