Today’s State of the Game #111 has revealed more information about The Division 2’s endgame content, how players will progress in World Tiers, what Strongholds and Bounties are and what the mysterious Deck of 52 is all about.

Upon reaching maximum character level 30 and with the completion of the main campaign and successful infiltration of a handful of Strongholds, the narrative focuses towards a final Stronghold that needs to be taken over before the first World Tier (1) gets unlocked and the first out of three Specializations can be selected.


Strongholds are bigger main missions which are heavily incorporated into the story’s narrative and also come with the mechanics of a regular main mission, including difficulty settings as well as checkpoints. Each faction has its Stronghold that requires to complete a bunch of other missions before the Stronghold itself can be taken over.

Once the aforementioned final Stronghold has been defeated, the invasion of the Open World starts – with the Black Tusk taking over all main missions, previously captured Control Points and Strongholds.

World Tiers

Because the soldiers of the Black Tusk are not messing around and random events are starting to occur across the map, it can occasionally happen that the fast-travel option to certain Settlements gets disabled. Enemy blockades and convoys need to be lifted or wiped out first in order to restore supply lines and last but not least restore the city.

Level 15
Level 30 – World Tier 1

With unlocking the first World Tier, getting access to the Gear Score rating after reaching level 30 and defeating the final Stronghold, the dynamics of the living world will change and so will enemy factions become more aggressive and actively try to reclaim their territories. The more Invaded Missions and Control Points are getting cleared, the more friendly activity you can expect to show up in D.C.’s neighborhoods again.

World Tiers can also be seen as a leveling system in The Division 2’s endgame. To unlock higher World Tiers – 2, 3, 4 and 5 – all three Strongholds that were already cleared out successfully during the campaign and are now locked behind two specific Invaded Missions as well as certain Gear Score requirement, need to be taken back once again.

This procedure repeats for every new World Tier until World Tier 5 and unlocks other things like higher difficulty levels such as Legendary and Heroic as well as a variety of additional endgame activities.

The last Stronghold called “Tidal Basin” gets added after launch and is the only barrier left to unlock World Tier 5. More of it will be revealed at a later point.

Deck of 52

The Deck of 52 is one of the available endgame activities and marks the return of the Named Bosses in the Open World. A character named “The Snitch” shows up during the campaign and shuffles a regular deck of 52 cards. Each suit of cards is dedicated to an enemy faction in the game and every card stands for a unique Named Boss.

Killing these bosses will reward you with great loot, the card drop, whereas wiping out a full suit collection will unlock Commendation points. The whole deck needs to be cleared before bosses start to respawn.

Exotics Vendor

“The Snitch” didn’t get his name without reason. During the campaign, he will reveal you the name of a secret random spawn vendor called Cassie Mendoza. She is a gunrunner and supposed to sell valuable Exotic items based on your current World Tier, but with one downside – you need to locate her first as she won’t always be present on the map and only start to be available in World Tier 1.

Although “The Snitch” will tell you all about her current whereabouts, it’s up to every player to find her in their own games (her position is different and unique per instance) and use the chance for the perfect deal until she moves on and vanishes again to come back for another sale in the future. Her stock resets every week, while she will appear every day and a half.


Bounties become available with the recruitment of a new staff member called Otis Sikes. From that point on, he’ll give you two Daily Normal difficulty bounties in exchange for Target Intel. Target Intel can be acquired by defeating enemies in the Open World as well as completing missions on at least Hard difficulty. Additional Perks at the Quartermaster can unlock Hard and Challenging difficulty bounties, while Weekly Bounties will also be available in the game.

They unfold their true potential during the endgame when reaching World Tier 4, where the Priority Target Network unlocks, a network that holds information of seven very dangerous most wanted targets with lucrative and higher bounties.

In order to eliminate these targets, easier targets need to be killed first. Also, no Target Intel can be spent on these high-priority targets.

Official Discord Server

Last but not least, the team was looking into possibilities to extend their social media presence when it comes to sharing announcements, Intelligence Annexes, Agent Highlights, patch notes and other information about Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

Therefore, an official Discord server has been created everyone can join: