Ubisoft has finally announced the preload and start times for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, including the platform dependent download sizes and day-1 patch info.

Players who have pre-ordered one of The Division 2’s special editions (Gold, Ultimate, Dark Zone, Dark Zone Definitive and Phoenix Shield Edition) will be able to play the game 3 days earlier than the rest, starting on March 12th, 2019.

Players who have pre-ordered the Standard Edition of the game will have to be a little bit more patient until the final release on March 15th, 2019.

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Preload & Start Times

The preload has already begun for players on Xbox One & PC, while the timing for PlayStation 4 depends on your region. Please find the time zone related times below.

Standard Edition
Gold Edition or higher

All players can start to play the game at midnight local time in every country.

Standard Edition
Gold Edition or higher

Please note that, because of the time zone differences, players in Australia and New Zealand will be the first ones to play the game. Players might start publishing content that contains story-related or other kinds of spoilers!

Download & Install Sizes

The general advice is, if you have purchased the game on disc, begin installing the game from the disc. After that, you will be prompted to download and install Title Update 1, a 48-52 GB download (88-92 GB on PS4 for digital copies), depending on your region and preferred language.

The final HDD install size, including the patch, depends on your platform:

  • Xbox One and PC: 48-52 GB
  • PS4: 88-92 GB

You can delete any Private Beta or Open Beta clients from your platform as a download of the full game is required in any case.

Day-1 Patch

A day-1 patch (Title Update 1.5) will be available for download starting March 11th, which will bump the game version to 1.5. Expect a download size of 2 GB, depending on your platform, region and preferred language.

Title Update 1.5 mainly addresses occurrences of audio missing or cutting out experienced by some during Open Beta.

In case you have any additional question, be sure to check out Ubisoft’s FAQ on release and preload dates and the FAQ on Title Updates.