Invasion, The Division 2’s first major update was released last Friday, and with all the new features such as the Black Tusk’s Stronghold Tidal Basin and others that have been added as part of it, some bugs have unfortunately found their way into the game as well.

While Projects have been re-enabled earlier this week on Monday already, The Division 2’s State of the Game episode #116 was focusing on the currently known issues and what the developers have in mind for future updates, including the comeback of a PTS and more contextual updates on decisions for a better understanding of why things are changing the way they do.

Maintenance 11/04

Here are the patch notes of the maintenance from last Thursday, April 11th.

  • Fixed not being able to fast travel to the Castle settlement.
  • Fixed several cases of abnormal Bounty boss skill-use behaviour.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Nemesis crafting materials to be unobtainable.
  • Fixed Delta-03 error occurring at the end of Conflict matches.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the pathfinding line to behave abnormally when in close proximity to your destination.
  • Fixed the “donating” sound playing repeatedly after having donated and abandoned a daily mission.
  • Fixed an issue related to cache countdown timers.

Title Update 2.1 Preview

The next patch labeled as Title Update 2.1 is already in the works and will most likely be deployed next Thursday during the scheduled weekly server maintenance. In addition, the developers are also sharing their reasoning behind some of the design decisions that were recently made.

For a detailed view on their perspectives, check out this official forum thread; otherwise, you can find a shortened list including those preliminary changes below.

Crafting Bench

  • Fix for the bench not upgrading to World Tier 5.
  • Fixes the crafting benches that are stuck in different World Tiers.

Characters getting stuck

  • Still trying to reproduce this internally.
  • Fix for players who are getting stuck in the revive animation.

Revive Hive

  • Improvements have been applied through TU2, Title Update 2.1 will fix some more issues with it.

True Patriot

  • Fix coming to address the two piece gear set bonus of True Patriot not working.

Skill Mods

  • Ability to craft blue Skill Mods to provide options for low Skill Power level builds.
  • Enhancing effects of Skill Mods across the board.


  • A large number of Talents will be overhauled.
  • Scaling increase for defensive stats on gear items.
  • Adjustments to lethality and TTK on the enemies for more viable build options.

Known Issues

There are some other topics as well that already led to larger conversations across social media channels.

One of them is Henry Hayes, who doesn’t seem to be available for some players. Some of these occurrences have been resolved, but the problem investigation will continue in the future. A fix for the Worksite Community will be fixed with TU3, not earlier as it has been wrongly communicated before.

Although the sometimes funny and spooky looking T-Poses of killed enemies/in the Bounty screens, the developers are working on a fix for this as they break the immersion of the game and can lead to players continue firing at them because they still seem to be alive.

Also part of these discussions is gear with Gear Score below 500, underperforming Gear Sets and Exotic Weapons, the balancing of Talents, game difficulty in general (too aggressive enemy AI, armor and survivability, Control Points, etc.) as well as the PvP balance and inventory management.

Future Adjustments

Account-wide Blueprints, the consolidation of different reset timers into one single timer and making Projects more rewarding is planned to be addressed in the future. The developers have also mentioned upgrades for the Barber to allow Agents to change their sex, or to choose a Bald/Red colored hairstyle, but those things will not come anytime soon and will take some time.

PTS for Title Update 3.0

The next big update for The Division 2 is Title Update 3.0, which is planned to be released on April 25th. Part of it will be the first 8-player raid “Operation Dark Hours” and other improvements to the game. To ensure a more stable release than the rollout of the first part of Invasion last week, the developers will provide a PTS, also known as Public Test Server, where players (PC only) can test the update’s contents (except for the raid itself) before it goes live to find eventual bugs or other balancing related issues.

The past has already shown that gathering this player feedback early on gives the developers more freedom when pushing out updates and tweaking the experience on the fly within this test environment. The test servers will go live next Wednesday, April 17th.