Skills are offensive and defensive abilities/gadgets that define the player’s role the most in The Division. Cooldown periods ensure, that you have to wait a certain amount of time, before you can use them again.

Because of non-existent/predefined classes, you have full control in which direction your character should go. Whether it’s a tank heavy, or damage oriented build, you basically create your own class that fits your playstyle best.

Smart Watch - Skills and Talents
Smart Watch – Skills, Talents and Perks (E3 2013)

By unlocking Skills, you permanently have access to them, while you can equip 3 Skills (2 normal, 1 Signature) at the same time. Not all Skills can be unlocked by just reaching a higher level, but rather by completing missionsYou can change them whenever or wherever you want, even during combat.

The skills are divided into 3 main categories, based on the 3 Wings in the Base of Operations:

  • Medical (e.g. Pulse and First Aid)
  • Tech (e.g. Sticky Bomb and Smart Cover)
  • Security (e.g. Ballistic Shield and Turret)

Skill Modifications

Further distinctions between skills are obtained through Skill modifications, which can be assigned to the Skill they belong to. That’s how for example you can turn your turret into a flame thrower. Before you can use them, they need to be unlocked. In contrast to the skills themselves, Skill modifications will be unlocked through your mission progress.

Master Bonus

An additional “Master” bonus completes the Skill/modification set. It grants you an overall bonus to the existing skill attributes like Range, Duration, Critical Chance and Crit. Damage.

Visual Appearance

Selected skills aren’t only small fancy icons in the skill menu and visible when you activate them, but are also part of your character’s appearance which generates a unique look when you are not using and only carrying them.

The choice is yours – a skill based on looks, or on functionality?

All Skills

There are 12 Skills, each with 3 modifications and the aforementioned “Master” bonus. Try out our Skill Calculator to find out more about them in detail.