There are 3 different currencies in Tom Clancy’s The Division with which you can upgrade your agents or buy new things to change their appearance.

This page basically explains for what they are, how you can get and earn them and what each of them is used for.


Division Credits

Division Credits is the main currency in The Division and is earned by completing missions, side-activities and encounters in the PvE zone of the game. The higher the difficulty of missions, the more credits you earn. It can be used to buy various items and also get them in return most of the time when you want to sell something.

Dark Zone Funds

Dark Zone Funds is the currency that can be only earned by killing enemy NPCs or agents in the Dark Zone. It allows you to buy superior loot and crafting recipes at Dark Zone Vendors at the Safe Rooms and checkpoints. Be cautious though how much DZ Funds you carry, because the more you carry, the more you can lose in case you die, as it’s based on a percentage value of your current amount.

Phoenix Credits

Phoenix Credits are used to purchase high level equipment and is more or less the endgame currency in The Division. The easiest and fastest way to get this currency is to spend 40 Uplay points for a credit pack that contains 30 Phoenix Credits. Besides that you will have to reach agent level 30 first to unlock the three daily challenges, which are marked with a white circle on the in-game map. In order to receive these high level items, your agent’s DZ Rank must be at least 50.

Moreover you can earn them in regular main missions when you play and complete them in the highest difficulty, the Challenge Mode. There is a chance that also named enemies in the Dark Zone drop some of these Phoenix Credits.


You can redeem those credits either at the Special Gear Vendor in the Base of Operations or the Dark Zone Special Vendor in a Safe Room in the northern part of the DZ – West 55th Street DZ06 (Subzones). When visiting the vendor in the Dark Zone, DZ Keys for chests can be also obtained there.

For an audio-visual representation of our description, check out the video below.

Premium Credits

Premium Credits can be purchased in exchange of real money and spent in-game for various cosmetic and expression items at the Premium Vendor.

Items purchased with this currency are shared between all characters on the same account, but cannot shared between accounts.

Official Premium Credits FAQ