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Agent Highlights: They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but let’s not forget about our mission! News English100-by thedivisiongame 1 day ago
Agent Highlights: Hunde gelten als die besten Freunde des Menschen, aber wir sollten uns nicht von unserem Einsatz ablenken lassen! News Deutsch100-by thedivisiongame 1 day ago
Get up to 70% off on the Division 2, until October 28! News English100-by thedivisiongame 2 days ago
Tom Clancy's The Division – Ryan and female agent cosplay23.5744 / 1by dinusty 3 days ago
The Division 2 - State of the Game Recap: Title Update 6 Now Live News English96.67-by thedivisiongame 3 days ago
I think something strange is going on in the White House.97.1424 / 1by dinusty 4 days ago
Silence is golden18.4118 / 1by dinusty 4 days ago
Title Update 6 is now live with Episode 2 early access! News English93.33-by thedivisiongame 4 days ago
Titel-Update 6 ist eingetroffen, mit Vorabzugang zu Episode 2! News Deutsch93.33-by thedivisiongame 4 days ago
Crafting and Recalibration in Episode 2 News English80-by thedivisiongame 8 days ago
Anfertigung und Rekalibrierung in Episode 2 News Deutsch80-by thedivisiongame 8 days ago
Specialization #5: Technician News English76.67-by thedivisiongame 9 days ago
Spezialisierung 5: Techniker News Deutsch76.67-by thedivisiongame 9 days ago
New Episode 2 trailer: "We hit today or we lose this fight tomorrow."88.5710 / 1by yannickbch 10 days ago
State of the Game Recap: TU6 Release Date, Specialization #5, and More Episode 2 Content News English73.33-by thedivisiongame 10 days ago
„State of the Game“-Zusammenfassung: TU6-Erscheinungsdatum, Spezialisierung 5 und weitere Episode-2-Inhalte News Deutsch73.33-by thedivisiongame 10 days ago
User Inventory & Interface in Episode 2 News English56.67-by thedivisiongame 15 days ago
Inventar und Benutzeroberfläche in Episode 2 News Deutsch56.67-by thedivisiongame 15 days ago
Explorers Event Extended & Upcoming Changes News English56.67-by thedivisiongame 15 days ago
Verlängertes Entdecker-Ereignis und bevorstehende Änderungen News Deutsch56.67-by thedivisiongame 15 days ago
State of the Game Recap: Kenly College Mastery, Shepherd Tweaks, and New Invaded Missions in TU6 News English50-by thedivisiongame 17 days ago
State-of-the-game-Zusammenfassung: Kenly-College-Meisterstufe, Beschützer-Verbesserungen und neue Einsatzortinvasionen in TU6. News Deutsch50-by thedivisiongame 17 days ago
You know what would really be intuitive? A 500GS gear always be better than an 490GS gear48.34150 / 1by hamishbode 22 days ago
Änderungen am PvP-Modus und der Dark Zone in der bevorstehenden Episode 2 News Deutsch33.33-by thedivisiongame 22 days ago
PvP & Dark Zone changes coming in Episode 2 News English33.33-by thedivisiongame 22 days ago
Clan-Spotlight: Looking For Gamers [LFG] News Deutsch30-by thedivisiongame 23 days ago
Clan Spotlight: Looking For Gamers [LFG] News English30-by thedivisiongame 23 days ago
State of the Game - September 25th, 201968.57405 / 1by hamishbode 24 days ago
State of the Game Recap: Apparel Event, PTS Feedback, And An Overview of TU6 News English26.67-by thedivisiongame 24 days ago
Zusammenfassung des State of the Game: Bekleidungs-Event, Feedback zum PTS (öffentlicher Testserver) und eine Übersicht zu TU6 News Deutsch26.67-by thedivisiongame 24 days ago